Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A British Tiger: Redux - Jushin Liger In London

An inordinately long time ago, I wrote on this very blog about the importance of the British wrestling scene in the early careers of two of the most iconic Junior Heavyweights in Japanese wrestling; Tiger Mask, and Jushin "Thunder" Liger.

 It's with tremendous pleasure, then, that I can now address the next link in that chain.

The remit for 2Falls was never really to discuss the modern scene, but instead to celebrate a disappearing art form, and to shine a light on those who may otherwise fall into obscurity. However, we're not writing in a vaccuum and, from time to time, present-day professional wrestling throws us a curveball, a little pleasant surprise. Once upon a time, it was the great Johnny Saint setting foot in a CHIKARA ring. Now, it's RevolutionPro bringing Jushin "Thunder" Liger back to this fair land.

On June 18th, at York Hall, Jushin Liger will make his first UK appearance in 24 long years, and his first appearance since taking on the Liger identity. Not only that, but bringing things full circle, his old adversary, the great Mark "Rollerball" Rocco will be at ringside for Liger's match with Prince Devitt.

It's not often I get to view wrestling history first-hand, but it will be an honour and a privelege to be ringside for Liger's return to the British ring, and there could be nothing more fitting than for him to do so in the presence of Rollerball.

Roll on June 18th...

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